One of our wonderful library trustees, Karen Bensink, recently introduced us to 1000 Hours Outside, “a global movement designed for any age child (or adult) and any environment. Join the journey and watch your life transform before your eyes. Nature holds tremendous power for each and every one of us at any age or stage.” The goal is simple: spend more time outside and away from screens!

We decided to join in on the fun and have created a display that will grow and change as the year progresses, the seasons change, and the hours outside add up. Each month the display will have a different list of books, activities, and prompts that can help you and your family spend more time outside—just stop by and pick some up. Can you spend 1000 hours outside in 2022? Find out! Be sure to tell us of your adventures!




Pictures of some of our outdoor activities this year.




Library Manager Cala Glatz tracked her hours outside. Here’s how she did!


Challenge 2022 End of year Wrap Up: Spend 1000 Hours Outside!
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