Picture Books

  1. Brave as a Mouse by Nicolò Carozzi
    Brave as a Mouse: Carozzi, Nicolo: 9780593181843: Amazon.com: Books
  2. Bubbles Up by Jacqueline Davies
    Bubbles . . . Up!: Davies, Jacqueline, Sánchez, Sonia: 9780062836618:  Amazon.com: Books
  3. Butterflies Belong Here by Deborah Hopkinson
    Butterflies Belong Here: A Story of One Idea, Thirty Kids, and a World of  Butterflies: Hopkinson, Deborah, So, Meilo: 9781452176802: Amazon.com: Books
  4. Etty Darwin and the Four Pebble Problem by Lauren Soloy
    Etty Darwin and the Four Pebble Problem: Soloy, Lauren: 9780735266087:  Amazon.com: Books
  5. Hardly Haunted by Jessie Sima
    Hardly Haunted: Sima, Jessie, Sima, Jessie: 9781534441705: Amazon.com: Books
  6. Little Ghoul Goes to School by Jef Czekaj
    Little Ghoul Goes to School: Czekaj, Jef, Czekaj, Jef: 9780062441119:  Amazon.com: Books
  7. May the Mayfly by Denise Brennan-Nelson
    Mae the Mayfly: Brennan-Nelson, Denise, Weiser, Florence: 9781534110519:  Amazon.com: Books
  8. Moon Camp by Barry Gott
    Moon Camp by Barry Gott: 9780593202678 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books
  9. One Little Lot by Diane C. Mullen
    One Little Lot: The 1-2-3s of an Urban Garden: Mullen, Diane C., Vidal,  Oriol: 9781580898898: Amazon.com: Books
  10. Run, Little Chaski! by Mariana Llanos
    Corre, Pequeño Chaski! (Run, Little Chaski!) | Barefoot Books
  11. Summer Camp Critter Jitters by Jory John
    Summer Camp Critter Jitters: John, Jory, Climo, Liz: 9780593110980:  Amazon.com: Books


  1. My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird by Paul Meisel
    My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird (A Nature Diary): Meisel, Paul:  9780823443222: Amazon.com: Books
  2. This Very Tree by Sean Rubin
    This Very Tree | Sean Rubin | Macmillan

Junior Fiction (Chapter books)

  1. Annie Lumsden, the Girl from the Sea by David Almond
    Annie Lumsden, the Girl from the Sea: Almond, David: 9781406377590:  Amazon.com: Books
  2. Dead Wednesday by Jerry Spinelli
    Dead Wednesday by Jerry Spinelli: 9780593306673 | PenguinRandomHouse.com:  Books
  3. Down to Earth by Betty Culley
    Down to Earth by Betty Culley: 9780593175736 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books
  4.  A Glasshouse of Stars by Shirley Marr
    A Glasshouse of Stars: Marr, Shirley: 9781534488830: Amazon.com: Books
  5. Halfway to Harmony by Barbara O’Connor
  6. How to Become a Planet by Nicole Melleby
    How to Become a Planet: Melleby, Nicole: 9781643750361: Amazon.com: Books
  7. I Survived the Galveston Hurricane by Lauren Tarshis
    I Survived the Galveston Hurricane, 1900 (I Survived #21) (Library Edition)  (21): Tarshis, Lauren: 9781338752540: Amazon.com: Books
  8. It All Begins with Jelly Beans by Nova Weetman
    It All Begins with Jelly Beans | Book by Nova Weetman | Official Publisher  Page | Simon & Schuster
  9. The Many Meanings of Meilan by Andrea Wang
    The Many Meanings of Meilan by Andrea Wang: 9780593111284 |  PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books
  10. Saint Ivy: Kind at All Costs by Laurie Morrison
    Saint Ivy: Kind at All Costs: Morrison, Laurie: 9781419741258: Amazon.com:  Books
  11. Sunshine by Marion Dane Bauer
    Sunshine: Bauer, Marion Dane: 9781536214116: Amazon.com: Books
  12. Upstander by James Preller
    Upstander: Preller, James: 9781250251527: Amazon.com: Books
  13. Ways to Grow Love by Renee Watson
    Ways to Grow Love (A Ryan Hart Story, 2): Watson, Renée, Mata, Nina:  9781547600588: Amazon.com: Books
  14. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Peach Pie (The Great Peach Experiment #1) by Erin Soderberg Downing