Mission Statement:

Our Library provides opportunities to meet the needs of our community for life-long learning and achievement.


Term Expires

President:  Mary Ford 2024
V. President: Nancy Roche 2025
Secretary:  Dan Larson 2025
Treasurer:  Paul Fellinger 2025
Tony Keim 2026
Shari Millspaw 2026
Annette Tang 2026
Andrew Travis 2024
Judy Hunt Library Ambassador


Long-range Plan (aka Strategic Plan)

2022-2026 Strategic Plan Goals:

Goal 1 – Library Services: Implement industry standards and best practices with regard to library services

Goal 2 – Arts & Culture: Offer creative programming and services to meet the needs of patrons and the community

Goal 3 – Human Resources: Ensure that staff and volunteers are adequately trained and supported

Goal 4 – Community Support: Strengthen the library through outreach and communication efforts directed to members, donors, and the community

Goal 5 – Organizational Development: Ensure organization sustainability through adequate planning, organizational policies, and governance oversight

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