CCLS Road Trip 2023 is a go! Calling all bookworms! Here’s your one-stop spot to see what the Road Trip is all about, and to grab a map and hit the road! 🚗🌎🌞📖

The Road Trip runs from June 1-August 31, and there are many prizes to win along the way. You can start at any library, but why not start at your home one? Grab a map and a pencil, and get your first sticker, and congrats, your road trip has begun!









This is Findley, our little owl friend. He’s here to help you complete the Library Selfie Challenge. Throughout June, July, and August, he will be flying around to different spots in the library. After all, it gets a bit boring staring at the same old scenery all the time. Look around, and when you find him, take a selfie with him, then scan the QR code at the Road Trip display to submit your selfie. Happy searching! Enjoy the rest of the CCLS Road Trip 2023!

CCLS Road Trip 2023 begins today!

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