We have wrapped up our Collaborative Wednesdays with the Clymer-French Creek Free Library and the Clymer-Findley Lake Summer Recreation Program! This summer we only met three times, but we still learned a lot and tried some really cool new craft projects. We were so happy that Molly Brown from the Cornell Cooperative Extension returned to help!


Week 1: Soil Painting

First up, she taught us about the importance of soil, and how much humans rely on it for food. Then we got to mix several types of soil with water and glue, and painted with different kinds of light and dark soils of various textures. It was quite an experience!


Week 2: Gyotaku

Our second Wednesday together, Molly taught us about fish, both fresh water and salt water, and we learned about species that are native to our local waterways. Then we tried gyotaku, or traditional Japanese fish printing, which fishermen would use to record the type and size of their catch. Traditionally, gyotaku uses real fish and black ink, but Molly brought silicone fish and helped us brighten things up with colorful tempera paint.


Week 3: Mood Jars

On our last Wednesday, Molly talked to us about color and optical illusions before showing us how to make a very cool and colorful mood jar. We used water, baby oil, food coloring, glitter, tiny seashells, and small acrylic starfish. The kids had fun deciding what colors to use, and trying to guess how they would mix together.


Many thanks to everyone who came out to hear stories and learn some new crafts! Summer Reading isn’t quite over yet, though—people have until the end of August to continue tracking time spent reading, or writing reviews in exchange for prize tickets. Happy reading!

Collaborative Wednesdays with Clymer library and Summer Rec

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