Alexander Findley Community Library
Board of Trustee Minutes
August 23rd,  2021

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 6:35. Present at Meeting Ashley, Mary, Paul, Dan, Karen, Andrew, Judy, and Cala.    

Minutes / Correspondence – Mary moves to accept minutes.  Ashley 2nd that motion.   Received monies from Progressive.   Short Horatz sent a thank you note to the Library.

Treasurers Report – Paul has began working on the budget and a comparison for what was budgeted versus where we are currently. Karen has helped Paul come up with way of creating a better comparison in explaining and estimating the budget. 

Library Managers Report – Cala reviewed Library Manager’s report.  SRP was a huge success. She is brainstorming for next year.  All books have been that Melissa ordered have all been delivered. Cala reviewed goals with the board. Mary moved to approve the Libraries name into the template for Ny Library standards. Ashley 2nd.

Old Business – Cook Book Sales – We have sent more to the French Creek Store. Annual Letter – The goal is to get Annual Letter out before the end of November. Ideas to improve or change.  Mary mentioned to make sure we mention that we have a new library manager.  21st Anny – Still continuing at Alexanders.  Book Sale is coming up, so we can revisit after book sale.  Volunteer recruitment – still on hold, but Andy does have a willing volunteer that could be of use for upcoming events.  Andy will get contact info to Cala. Reusable Bags – Still for sale.  Trustee training Jan Dekoff – putting on hold for strategic planning.

New BusinessHarvest Book Sale – Set up would be Wednesday the 1st at five.  Passed around work schedule for the weekend. Fall Craft Fair – Nov 6th. 10Am -4PM, firehall – advertising Kelly. Cala will continue to work with Kelly in planning Fall Craft Fair. Nancy will let Kelly know to try and meet with Cala.  Social Media/Facebook/ website, Cala will produce brochure – brochure to vendors. Sexual Harassment Training –   Will move to next weekend.  No Additional new business.

Trustees Meeting – Began meeting by continuing work on Strategic Planning with Rebecca. Completed SWOT Analysis and the goal will be to review Draft goals from Rebecca and come up with suggested changes or improvements.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm. Mary moved and Paul 2nd to adjourn meeting.   Next Meeting September 27th 2021.  Meeting later changed to Monday, October 4th