Alexander Findley Community Library
Board of Trustee Minutes
June 12th, 2021

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 9:05. Present at Meeting Nancy, Ashley, Mary, Judy, Paul, Dan, Karen, Andrew, and Cala.    

Minutes / Correspondence – Minutes looked good.  Donation in honor of Elaine Johnson.  Audit completed by Paul. Mary moved to accept minutes. Paul 2nd.

Treasurers Report – Paul reviewed treasurers report. Quickbooks going smooth. Cala has a card. No real change to Annual Letter or cookbooks.     

Library Directors Report – Finished Fast Catalogue Training.  Bags are at Alexanders (10). Approved for grant from FL Community Foundation for computers. Schedule for summer reading is coming together. Cala registered us for Give Big Chautauqua. 4 people donated $130.  Something we can improve upon next year, now that we have a experience with the process. Goals- SRP, Installing new computers.

Old Business – Committee’s – Strategic planning will help with this. Cookbook Sales – Continuing. Annual Letter – Slowing down.  21st Anny – 10 Bags are at Alexanders. Some in reserve as well if sold.  Volunteer Recruitment – Still more of a futuristic goal. FL Grant Request – Received $1400. They like tangible asset requests.  Flares – Currently for sale.  Usable bags and stickers – For sale at library. Harvest Fest Booksale – WWOO Secured and agreement in place to use. Suggestion $100 dollar donation.  Mary moves to donate $100 for use of WWOO and fire department. Fall Craft Fair – Scheduled November 6th 10-4. Advertising? Flyers are to be made. Think more about advertising.

New BusinessStrategic Planning – Rebecca Brumagin meeting?  We will ask for the 19thTrustee Training – Jan Dekoff. Date TBD. Nominations for executive positions – Andy continued.  Chris Cooper will be stepping off. Current – Pres – Nancy Roache, Mary Ford – VP, Dan Larson – Secretary, Paul Fellinger – Treasury. Andrew has a suggestion for new board member. The question because she lives in Ohio is, can she make meetings. Andy will discuss with her further. Andy makes motion to continue with current slate of executives.  Paul would like someone else to have knowledge of treasures position as backup or support. Kelly 2nd Andy’s motion. Motion passes.

Trustees Meeting –

Meeting adjourned at 10:02AM. Mary moved and Ashley 2nd to adjourn meeting.   Next Meeting July 26th, 2021.