Alexander Findley Community Library
Board of Trustee Minutes
September 28th, 2020

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 6:34.

Minutes / Correspondence – Received email from Darlene Redlecki (Clymer Library) We will be receiving books from teachers from the old Findley Lake School.  We will mention this on the Facebook Page. Ashley motioned to accept and Paul  2nd.

Treasurers Report – Paul handed out the treasurers report. Funds are steady and surviving COVID. Paul researched COVID 19 Tax Credits and found out we will qualify for some.  We will want to mention to accountant when we file taxes.  We should know by the end of October what we will get from the Town of Mina.

Library Directors Report – Passed around the Annual Report to initial. Reviewed Library Stats. 2 new patrons even during COVID. The Book Club will participate in the big read. Melissa and Cala are working on activity for children under 10. New bookshelves are in and holding books. Community Connections has reserved computers for a program. Mini Book sale went well.  The library made $70 and we got rid of some books.

Old Business – Cookbook Sales, we took some to the FC Store and sold 2. Separation Letter for Joanne Nancy will get with Kelly. Main goal is to acknowledge and recognize the work Joanne did.  Book Sale another one will be planned.  Supply Tubs refilled and restored by Mary. Erie Gives will be discussed later, most likely in 2021.

New Business – FL Community Foundation no request made this year. Annual Letter Andy is working on, Andy Suggested having envelopes and stamps ready ASAP. Ideas discussed to update Annual Letter with Changes and Challenges brought on by 2020. Goal is to have Annual Letter ready before the end of October. Board Get Together did not occur, weather was colder. Sexual Harassment Training has to be completed yearly.  Needs to be reread or watched again.  Nancy will have what we need by next meeting and Rebecca will be able to review again with the board.

Additional New Business –none

Fall Craft Fair – As a group we have decided to cancel the Fall Craft Fair due to COVID restrictions. Deposits for table fees for Vendors need to be handles. Ideas discussed to draft letter to explain to Vendors, deposits will be treated as donation or refunds to clear out of Quickbooks in 2020.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM (Dan motioned and Lynn 2nd).