Alexander Findley Community Library
Board of Trustee Minutes
March 22nd, 2021

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm. Present at Meeting Andy, Nancy, Ashley, Melissa, Judy, Chris, Kelly, and Dan.  Mary and Paul called into meeting (remotely).

Minutes / Correspondence – Correction of February Minutes was made.  Pulling off Zoom meeting and Correcting the mention of Tom’s fish to feather. 

Treasurers Report – Paul not present (called in remotely), but treasurers report was emailed and reviewed by board.

Library Directors Report – Stats reviewed and COVID trend continues of less patrons but more checkouts.   Annual Report is completed and just needs approved.  Patron Survey is available online to be completed and this will help CCLS develop a new strategic plan for the next five years.  New York Times is available to all patrons/members of the library.  

Old Business – Committee Clearing out and Shredding – need to go through old grant paperwork.  Cookbook Sales – Slow sales, but Melissa sold one on Saturday.   Book Sale – On going.  Possibly doing one around Memorial Day.  It is still unknown if we are going to be able to have a Memorial Day celebration in Town.  Mary spoke with Tyler at Alexanders about working with them to do a book sale. Something that can be further explored.  Annual Letter – $6,545. Healthy number and larger than last year.   Fish – Faith Schwartz is done, and Tom’s is still in process.  Disaster Plan – A basic plan is put together and needs to be tailored to AFCL. 21st Anniversary for AFCL –   Official opening May 29th, 2000.  Is there an idea of celebration for during the Pandemic? Maybe use flare sales to recognize our 20-year anniversary. Maybe Alexanders would create a drink in the summer. Volunteer Recruitment – Andy has an idea for a volunteer.  He will follow up.  Eleanor is available.  FLCF requests – Still other ideas can be taken.  Flares – Mary will organize, and we will sell again for the 4th.   Additional old business – Ashley to chat with Heather about reusable bags.  Also, board members need to mention the idea to Heather to be a board member. 

New BusinessFall Craft Fair – Idea presented to try and do doing during the Christmas through the village weekend.  We are planning to do Fall Craft Fair as done in the past and we should start planning and advertising we are doing Fall Craft Fair.  Strategic Planning – Nancy has discussed with Rebecca.   In 1999 Short Term, Intermediate, and Long-Term goals were established.  In 2007 a long-Range Strategic plan was created. Get a date to possibly meet with Rebecca who could help advise on what we can do. Monday the 12th is being penciled in for meeting with Rebecca. Possibly 6 O’clock. Melissa Leaving – Excited for Melissa and taking Full Time position in Corry.  Post Director / Manager Job Per EOE Rules – We posted position and has been posted for 7 days.  One applicant Cala Glatz. Nancy and Dan will meet with Cala tomorrow and offer her the position and go over the contract.  Assuming Cala takes Library Manager position we will need to post assistant position.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm. Mary moved and Kelly 2nd to adjourn meeting.   Next Meeting April 26th @ 6:30