Alexander Findley Community Library
Board of Trustee Minutes
October 26th, 2020

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 6:30. Present at meeting. Mary, Lynn, Paul, Andy, Chris, Dan, Kelly, and Melissa

Minutes / Correspondence – We received $500 donation from Jack and Sherry at Marina.  Thank you note sent. Minutes looked good.

Treasurers Report – Received check from system $1665. Helpful as it replaces some missed funding.  We do get this check every year. Paul is handling and getting comfortable with new format with Payroll.  Paul has not learned anything more about COVID -19 Tax Credits. Lynn motions to approve. Mary 2nds.

Library Directors Report – Stats reviewed 2019 compared to 2020. 6 new patrons added to library. Cleaning out and organizing continuing.  Barb is still only volunteer that is working.  Book club meets on Thursday to discuss the Big Read.  Barb and Kelly will be at Church on Halloween to hand out goodie bags to children.  Our Public movie license would normally expire in November and the company is extending the license for 9 months.  Color printer is not working and will need to order a new one. Looking to set up fax through existing black and white printer so we can buy a basic color printer that is more affordable.  Discussion is brought to the table to buy a better more expensive color printer.  A color laser printer with fax was estimated around $400 dollars. Kelly motions to go with the better printer and Paul 2nd.

Old Business – Cookbook Sales- Should we lower price? Current price is $15 dollars.  Motion set for $12 dollar book sales.  Lynn 2ndSeparation Letter Joanne Malecki – Kelly still on.  Book Sale – Plans for more?  Waiting to hear about Christmas through the Village, if it occurs, they will do the Book Sale on that Saturday. Erie Gives – Mary spoke to someone about Erie Gives.  The info she was given we would give them money to manage.  Judy Hunt does not believe Community Connections gave any money to Erie Gives and they are apart of Erie Gives.  Judy will look into that.  Fall Craft Fair Response – We sent letter asking for a response by 11/01/2020 on whether their money will be refunded or be given to library as a donation.  Melissa only has received 3 letters asking for a refund.  Many non-responses. Sexual Harassment Training – We must complete this. There is a video that can be watched that is interactive and then we don’t need Rebecca to come back to meeting. Melissa will print form that needs completed.  Kelly Text link for video. Budget to Town of Mina –Paul sent and waiting for Town of Mina. Annual Letter – Andy is working on and is struggling to complete. Still looking for positive info to add. Paul has postage.  Working on mailing list.  No 2021 Calendar due to COVID. We will Give hours and reminders to check website and Facebook page. Ideas were presented to mention Joanne’s retirement and the addition of Cala.  Ideas presented to mention some of the library stats.  Mary, Paul, and Andy meeting at 10:30 on Friday. 

New Business – Calendar of Events- Not doing for 2021.

Additional New Business – NY enacts Paid Sick Leave law.  HR compliance for NY State sick hours.  We must offer sick time, but it does not need to be paid sick time off. 

Trustee Meeting –

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 Mary moved and Kelly 2nd.    Next Meeting November 23rd @ 6:30